‘I walked out’: Joey’s dire crackdown revelation

Eighth Immortal Andrew Johns has revealed he walked out on the Broncos’ underdog win over the Roosters on Saturday night after four sin-bins were handed out and 10 players were put on report under the league’s new crackdown on foul play.

Referee Peter Gough twice sent Roosters lock Victor Radley to the sin bin and placed him on report four times. Tyson Gamble also copped one sin-bin and two reports and Matt Lodge paid a visit to the bin, while Joseph Manu was reported twice and Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, Isaac Liu and Tom Flegler once.

Having not shied away from voicing his grievances with the league’s new stance, Johns said the huge spike in sin bins was ruining the game to the point where he could no longer watch.

“I actually went to the game. For me, I know they’re cracking down on the high-shots and I agree with it, but I don’t like the sin bin. I think it’s overused,” Johns told Wide World of Sports’ The Final Whistle.

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“I actually walked out of the game because it was so stop-start.

“Penalty, put it on report. I just don’t like the sin bin. It has too big an impact [on the result].

“I’m all for cracking down on it, but it’s just the sin bin, it’s too much.”

The huge increase in sin bins has seen renewed calls for a five-minute sin bin to be introduced to negate some of their impact on offending teams.

Most recently, NRL great Darren Locker called for a five-minute sin bin to be introduced for “accidental” high tackles.

“I think the really bad ones send off and the reckless ones I think are 10 minutes,” Lockyer told Wide World of Sports’ QLDER.

“The borderline accidental ones where players couldn’t do much to change the outcome of the tackle I think we can solve that with a five-minute bin.”

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