LIVE: Late Maroons strike keeps Blues on toes

I used to love the bus ride to Origin. We all used to get on the team bus, it was dark, the air felt thicker and it was just silent the whole way there. You could hear nothing.

I said that to James Tedesco, and I asked him if it was still the same feel after all these years. He goes, ‘Mate, Jarome Luai just walked on with a massive f—ing boombox, absolutely blaring music’.

He goes, ‘That’s what it’s like these days, it took him about 10 seconds to walk past us on the bus with the boombox with some rap music or something’.

I just thought that was hilarious. I used to love how quiet the bus was and they’re here just blasting the tunes. Their photographer even told me ‘Mate, it is non-stop 24/7, wherever he is the boombox is with him’. It was quite funny, couldn’t have been any better.

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