Olympics LIVE: Aussie booted over doping saga

Brisbane will be confirmed as the host of the 2032 Olympics in a vote by the IOC members tonight.

Speaking to Radio 2GB’s Ray Hadley, Australian Olympic Committee boss Matt Carroll outlined the process.

“It’s the final presentation to the members. It’s a totally new system, there’s not a bidding system anymore. In Olympic-speak, it’s targeted dialogue. That’s what the Brisbane candidature has been in for several months now,” he said.

“It’s a presentation by the Premier, the Lord Mayor, (Sports) Minister (Richard) Colbeck from the Federal Government, and the Prime Minister will be beamed in live to the IOC session. It’s important for the IOC members to see the three levels of government committed to the Games, because the summer Games are the biggest thing for the Olympic movement around the world.

“It’s important we make that final presentation and pay due courtesy to the members who will then vote on it, and around 6:30pm tonight we’ll hear the good news.”

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